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A truly affordable, simple, versatile and reliable 1" light mount for AR15 barrels and shotgun tubes.

  • Affordable - $30
  • Simple mounting of both light and barrel clamp with only one screw.  When mounting on an AR15 barrel, the TM1 slides right over the muzzle device and the 2 piece shims are then inserted prior to clamping.  NO NEED TO REMOVE THE MUZZLE DEVICE!
  • Versatile –
    • Mount on many shotguns as-is (assuming accessible 1” mag tube).
    • Mount on most AR15 barrels with shims for govt profile diameter (.741”) and gas block diameter (.750”).
    • Shims are $5 additional for each diameter.
    • Holds lights with diameters from 0.987 – 1.003” (everything from Elzetta to SureFire Fury) and bezel diameters beyond 2”.
    • Light can be positioned at any angle around the clock that isn’t obstructed.
  • Lightweight – 1.5 oz without shims;  shims are 0.6 oz
  • Finish – black oxide
  • Hot barrels – specially selected stainless steel with minimum heat transfer;  light operation was unaffected even after 400 rounds full-auto tested on a Colt 6920 upper + M16 lower.  The temperature of the light-case was comfortable to touch although the barrel was smoking.

Simple, rugged, light-weight, practical.


Full replacement or refund guarantee, no questions asked.


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