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Q:           Can I use rechargeable batteries in the SL1?
A:            No.  Only primary CR123A batteries, preferably Made-in-USA brands like SureFire, Battery Station, Streamlight, Panasonic, Duracell, Eveready and there are probably others.

Q:           Why hex head screws?  Why not screwdriver slots or Torx?
A:            Well, we make our own steel hardware on our precision Citizen A32 Swiss lathe so we could easily have selected any type of standard driver.  The hex pattern is common and cheap.  Hex keys are in most gun kits; at least you have them around the house somewhere.  Screwdrivers are even more ubiquitous but there's a problem.  Most people don't have torque-drivers and so how are you going to know how to tighten properly?  28 in-lbs is easy to achieve with reasonable error by a simple 2-step procedure with the hex key but not possible with a screwdriver.  With the hex key, you just go hand tight using the short handle and then 60 degrees more (2 hours) with the long handle and that results in the proper tension or very close.  TORX is our favorite but they're not so common and we wanted to be practical.

Q:           Will it come in colors?

A:            Any color you want as long as it’s black.  Seriously, we’re working on FDE (we've dropped ODG).

Q:           How about pressure pads?

A:            Nearly the entire point of the SL1 is trimming down to essentials, but if you need it anyway, we have an adapter almost ready that interfaces the SL1 to a SureFire Scout tailcap.  This lets you use your favorite SF pressure pad.  We’re also working (slowly) on our own version. 

Q:           Hey, I want a clicky!

A:            That wasn’t a question, but we hear ya.  Please think twice about why you want a clicky switch on a weapon light.  Kinda implies you’re willing to have your light go on full-time right in the middle of mad action.  Doesn’t seem smart, but a clicky tailcap is in the queue anyway.

Q:           Is it compatible with the PEQ-15?

A:            Nope.  We wanted it to be but that danged IR targeting laser is just too close to centerline and it’s not worth the craziness to fit a lighthead inside that.  There may be other brands/models that are compatible and we’d appreciate knowing.

Q:           Where’s the lumens?

A:              For those lumen-whores who need 500 or more, we’re working on it.  Just to put a point on it, that requires 2 or more CR123’s and is a bit phat compared to the fighting weight SL1.  For home defense or most LE patrol applications, the SL1 does a lot with 250+.
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